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Franchisee Support

We support our partners at every stage of business development

Modern IT Sysems

  • Digital and online platforms

    The share of online orders is constantly growing. Today, 82% of delivery orders come through online channels, and we continue to develop them. Every day we work to improve our digital services, such as a web site, a mobile application, partner services for placing orders, and many others.

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  • Digital and online platforms Automated Restaurant Management System
    We ensure the stable operation of restaurants 24/7 using the PULSE restaurant management system, which accumulates orders and has ability to work autonomously. The system also monitors a lot of dofferent indicators in real time:
    • service time report;
    • consolidated inventory usage;
    • product mix and coupon analysis и др.
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Organization of Effective Work

  • Operating Standards High level of service and product quality in all restaurants
    One of the key success factors for us is a compliance with international operating standards (OER verification system - compliance with standards for more than 150 indicators) and food safety (NFS).
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  • Relevant analytics and forecasts

    We provide tools and help analyze main business KPIs, build sales, set goals and monitor their implementation. Each partner has access to a detailed analysis of the restaurant through Real time and Power BI systems.

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Marketing Campaigns Development

  • Comprehensive Brand Promotion 24/7 Promotion

    Domino’s Pizza Russia is working centrally to increase recognition and promote the pizzeria brand for both corporate and franchisee restaurants. We develop all types of communication with customers, as well as provide marketing materials on various media.

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  • Online Communication

    Since most of the sales are online orders, the focus is on online communication with customers. We are engaged in the comprehensive promotion of the main site and mobile application.

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Employees Training

  • Partner Training
    Domino's Pizza Russia conducts professional training for new partners by immersing them into all features of the business and operating processes in restaurants, arranges practical training in a working restaurant and helps to be prepared for opening. Training includes:
    • study of operational standards,
    • study of financial indicators,
    • work in “Rush”,
    • effective restaurant management,
    • training and staff development.
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  • Diverse Teaching Methods
    We provide continuous training support to all our partners, which is based on the best world and Russian practices and includes all necessary things for our partners. Support includes:
    • regular visits to restaurants of training specialists in order to improve operational processes and staff training;
    • webinars, trainings, master classes and other events for employees of any level;
    • access to the distance learning system;
    • 24/7 access to the Domino’s Academy (unified information portal);
    • assistance in building a system of training and staff development.
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International Experience

  • International networking
    Domino’s Pizza Russia is a master franchisee in Russia and is also part of the large friendly international Domino’s family consisting of establishments in 89 countries (more than 16.5 thousand pizzerias around the world). Every year Domino’s holds events for franchisees from different countries to exchange experiences and award the best. By becoming part of Domino’s, you make a wide range of friends and acquaintances around the world.
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Operational Support Team

  • Irina Safonova
    Irina Safonova
    Head of Franсhisee Operations Department
  • Maxim Sokolov
    Maxim Sokolov
    Franchisee Support Manager
  • Mikhail Shekurov
    Mikhail Shekurov
    Franchisee Support Manager
  • Evgeny Zuev
    Evgeny Zuev
    Franchisee Support Manager


  • What is a Domino's Pizza Franchise?

    Domino's is an international pizza delivery brand that has been successfully operating on the market for over 50 years. Domino's has paved the way for pizza delivery companies by setting standards for the whole industry. The success of the Domino’s franchise has been proven by partners in Russia and abroad. By acquiring the Domino's Pizza franchise, you become a part of a large, friendly team with a world-famous name.

  • How good is the Domino’s Pizza franchise and how does it differ from other franchises?

    The main differences and advantages:
    • Domino’s Pizza is a world leader in pizza production and delivery.
    • Many years of experience in the field of business development - the best technical equipment, advanced IT solutions, centralized deliveries and compliance with high quality standards.
    • A stable and understandable franchise model that guarantees a stable income from the first day of restaurants’ operations.
    • One of the lowest lump-sum payments in the restaurant franchise market in Russia.
    • Professional support of the partner at the entire stage of the restaurant preparation for its opening and after its launch.

  • What is needed to be done to become a Domino’s partner?

    Contact the franchising development manager at 8-800-550-222-5 or fill out a simple form on the website franchising.dominospizza.ru, indicating your city, contact phone number and e-mail. A manager will contact you to provide detailed advice and suggestions for further negotiations.

  • What is the cost of a Domino's Pizza franchise?

    The cost of the Domino's Pizza franchise can vary depending on many factors, such as the chosen city (with a population of more or less than 1 million), the particular location - a business or dormitory area, the size and quality (availability) of the original premises for opening, the availability of the necessary electrical capacities and etc.

    For example: the opening of a new restaurant in 100 square meters premise that meets all the minimum requirements can cost 13 million rubles. It includes not only repair and equipment, but also all investments in opening (selection and training of personnel, payments for licenses, expenses for the first purchase of products, expenses for marketing activities during opening, etc.).

  • What is included in investments for one restaurant opening?

    One restaurant opening costs about 13-16 million rubles in average. It requires a payback period of 36 months (depending on operational management, location, region, etc.) and includes:
    • lump-sum payment,
    • the first rent payment,
    • repair works,
    • purchase and installation of equipment,
    • advertising campaign before the opening of the restaurant,
    • proprietary software license (PULSE program),
    • IT equipment and systems,
    • related products (non-food),
    • branding a vehicle fleet of a restaurant,
    • services of training personnel (including accommodation, travel, meals).

  • What does a partner get after lump-sum payment?

    Partners are provided with:
    • The right to use the Domino’s Pizza brand;
    • staff training - from a pizza maker to a director - at the company's expense;
    • trainings on all aspects of the functioning of the restaurant business, familiarization with all operational and technical processes of restaurant management;
    • assistance in finding and / or evaluating a premise;
    • practical guides;
    • development and approval of a local marketing plan before opening.

  • What kind of support do you provide franchisees?

    Our help includes:
    • providing a personal consultant for the entire duration of the commercial concession agreement;
    • provision of teaching aids and recommendations;
    • legal advice;
    • conducting trainings for staff;
    • development of marketing campaigns considering the specifics of the region;
    • technical support on any issues related to the functioning of the restaurant (IT systems, cost accounting, collection of operational statistics);
    • an individual approach.

  • What are the requirements for a restaurant?

    Domino`s Pizza restaurants should be located on the ground floor of a residential or non-residential building, in a place with high pedestrian traffic, have a clearly visible facade, shop window and signboard. These can be premises in the format of street retail, detached buildings, shopping centers (not as part of the food court). The recommended area of one premise is 100-140 sq. m
    Restaurants should have a separate entrance group, as well as parking / parking within a radius of 20 meters from the entrance.
    The minimum power of electricity is from 70 kW. Ceiling height - at least 3 meters with the possibility of organizing technical ventilation.

  • What are the requirements for the future of franchisees?

    Both entrepreneurial experience and 100% involvement in the business, willingness to independently develop it are desirable. The opportunity to complete a full course of study lasting 2.5-3 months with final certification is obligatory.

  • How long does it take to open a restaurant?

    The timing depends on the specific case and the scope of the proposed work. It usually takes about three months from the moment of signing the contract to the opening of the restaurant. This period includes all the necessary processes: location search, training and repair of the premises, staff selection and training.

  • Can I have other businesses and / or other forms of employment?

    We do not recommend combining Domino’s franchisee work with other commercial activities or forms of employment, because doing business under the Domino's Pizza (DP) brand is a serious responsibility that requires a complete immersion in all the restaurant's operating processes.
    If several forms of employment and / or the presence of another business are combined with DP activities, the future partner is recommended to set up a separate operational manager for Domino’s business. For its part, Domino’s will provide manager training and prepare he (or she) before the opening of the restaurant.

  • How much can I earn?

    The income from the restaurant may vary depending on various factors: the particular location, the format of the restaurant, management efficiency, the speed of promotion of a new restaurant, the regularity and quality of additional marketing activities. Among our franchisees, there are owners of very successful restaurants that profit up to 1 million rubles per month.

  • Who is engaged in the search and repair of premises for opening?

    Domino's Pizza has a professional team that coordinates the entire process from choosing the optimal location to preparing the restaurant for opening. The development department coordinates the search and coordination of the premises, the creation of a design project, the construction and decoration of the restaurant. At the same time, the process of building and finishing a restaurant can be completely organized by the partner himself.

  • Is it necessary to have an experience in restaurant business?

    This is not a requirement, although, of course, experience is welcome and will be useful. Domino's always provides comprehensive training for future partners, both investors and managers, in our own restaurants and the innovation center.

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