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The story of Domino’s Pizza Franchise began in 60s of the last century. Since then, the company’s network has expanded significantly: today there are more than 16.5 thousand restaurants around the world, most of which operate under franchisees. Every year we expand our horizons, opening new locations and increasing profits. Thus, sales of Domino’s Pizza Russia for 2019 increased by 17.5%, and the number of restaurants increased to 203. And we are going to continue growth!

Domino's Franchisees in Russia

  • Evgeny Levin and Dmitry Krikunov 13 restaurants

    Evgeny Levin:
    - Our story developed not so fast. I became friends with my current partner Dmitry Krikunov at university. Once we met at the Domino’s pizzeria on Dubrovka, and there we decided to do something similar: something big, cool and tasty. And a week later they became one of the first franchisees of the Russian DP family network.
    For us, there were several the most important points in choice of Domino’s Pizza as a partner: stability of the company, growing business, clear management and, of course, delicious pizza. Before partnering with the company, I basically didn’t like pizza, but once I tried Domino’s, I raised two fingers up and said: “I'm in business.”

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  • Alexey Dubinin 9 restaurants

    Before joining Domino’s Pizza, Alexey had already had his own food business. Realizing that food industry was most interesting to him, he began to look for a favorable offer for investment in the market of Moscow and the Moscow region.
    Alexey Dubinin:
    - Of all the possible options, I chose Domino’s for several reasons. Firstly, it is a international brand with a long history of successful functioning, which means a guarantee that my business will not close in its first year of operation. Secondly, this is a territorial location - the most interesting thing to me was the development of business in Moscow and the surrounding territories. Thirdly, this is a high level of product. Domino’s Pizza accompanies its franchisees at all stages of work, helping to solve even non-trivial problems.

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Domino's Russia in Mass Media

    Own delivery - a guarantee of meeting the deadlines and quality of pizza

    Mustafa Ozgul, CEO of Domino’s Pizza Russia, spoke about the development prospects of ready-made food delivery market to RBC +.

    Rating of the 500 best franchises in Russia

    The portal Businessmens.ru ranked the 500 best franchises in Russia. Domino’s Pizza is in the top ten.

    Domino’s Pizza boosts sales with market risk in mind

    Russia has become the driver of sales for the Domino’s Pizza (DP) Eurasia N.V. (international pizza corporation) in 2019, follows from the message of the company.

    Moscow opens new opportunities for our franchisees

    Irina Toporkova, director of franchising of the Domino’s Pizza network, spoke about the potential for developing a franchise network in a saturated metropolitan market.

    Why franchising cannot develop without digitalization

    Digitalization gradually penetrates into all aspects of our lives, including various areas of business: catering, medicine, real estate and many others. Franchising is no exception.

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